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Yes I have searched and yes I have read endless posts about opinions on who makes the best tunes yadda yadda yadda...and I could not find answers to the questions I here we go...

I was looking at the new F6 chip from DP simply because I will never have to take it out of the truck again to get it question is do all the custom tuners send you the tunes?
No. Only DP and (i think) PowerHungry Performance. or keep them secret in house and want the chip sent it? hence its not worth buying the F6 and can go with the cheaper alternative? The DP chips have 16 positions...can I run tunes from multiple companies? With DP, no.
also do the custom chips control tranny shifting with a program Yes or how?Not sure I only ask because when I had my superchip flashpaq it never did a tranny program until i programmed a 6.0L for a friend. Another question is if I get tunes from another company, do I loose the previous burns?Yes.

Thanks in advance for you help...
Hope that helps.
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