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The Fluids section would probably be better for this,this is quite a contentious subject, but here's my take as an engineer:

There's two big factors at work as far as oil degradation. The first is dirt/contamination. With a good filter, sure this can be filtered out. The second factor though cannot be filtered out; this is the breakdown of the oil molecules themselves, when the molecules are sheared into smaller molecules. This can be measured by viscosity changes among other things but not necessarily by the mere appearance of the oil.

The synthetics IMHO resist shearing and degradation better than pure dino oils, BUT the Powerstrokes with their HPOP are very tough on oils. Conventional oils seem to start shearing significantly about 3500 to 5000 miles.

I see folks that have posted on here indicating they have run their synthetic oil for many thousands miles with aftermarket oil filtration, and with regular lab testing to see if the oil is still good. With oil analysis, that's OK in my opinion, but without routine oil analysis, in my opinion that's taking an expensive gamble.

Given all these factors, I have chosen to merely replace the oil and filter every 3 or 4000 miles with conventional dino oil.
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