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I switched my truck to Amsoil almost a year ago and would never run anything else again. I did a flush prior to putting it in and also had 2 noisy injector poppets prior to switching. Now the truck runs smooth as ever, my truck would never start in Canada below -5c in the winter if not plugged in. Now with the 5-30 amsoil diesel it will start in -40c with not being plugged in and I get INSTANT oil pressure even while cranking. Thats just my 0.02
So do you run 5-30 year round? I would assume so. I'm in Michigan where the summers get hot (3 90 degree days this month) compared to most of Canada. I'm switching to Amsoil next week and I too will do a complete system flush first as well as the Amsoil/Donaldson oil filter. I'll add the twin by-pass set-up in about a month or two.
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