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Traded for this a couple weeks ago, Decided against using it for cost reasons. Filters coupled with a good Syn oil, is just a little more than I can choke down LOL.

I got a new O Ring for the filter adapter from Amsoil. I have 2 4' Sections of -8 Aeromotive Push Lock Hose w/ black Red Horse fittings. the hoses each have a fitting on one end, and the others are waiting on install to get proper length. I have also replaced both of the 8orb/-8 fittings at the filter head.

I also will be sending the two original Amsoil hoses, one is fine, one had some thread issues, hence the reason I ordered the stuff to make new hoses.

I'll get pics of this stuff up tomorrow.

I'd like 160$ Shipped on this stuff. Everything on this set up that could wear or leak has been replaced, so you can jump into a dual bypass set up for 1/2 price.

There's a few things, I'd trade on but would be more interested in money :)

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