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Hey yall,

I've run myself into a little problem with some steps that I've had for quite some time. I picked up some steps years back for a 99-04 SD. They were still in the boxes. This week, maybe 6 years or so after I bought them I decided to put them on. When I opened the boxes there was no wire harness! Unfortunately they are far past warranty now. I have been looking for a harness but Amp and other places want over 100 bucks for a harness. I already invested enough when I originally purchased the steps I don't want to invest anymore. The control module I have is no longer in production, they also wanted me to replace it bringing the total over 200 bucks. The control module is new!!

Anyway, I was hoping somebody on here might know what wires go where off the control module so I can just keep it and run my own wires instead of blowing more cash. The control module has an external female end plug so I can cut it off and hard wire it. Here are the wire colors. There are 8 wires in all

Orange with black stripe
White with black stripe
Purple with black stripe

Can anybody help me with this? I know what the red and black wire are but I can't figure out the other six. I even have the directions but it does not label the wire colors. Thanks so much!
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