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Lesson learned....:doh:

Well, I should have known better than to buy an alternator from AZ. After replacing their yellow top batteries three times in two years, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of yellow top Optimas’... There goes my autoenginuity budget. :(

After installing the new batteries, I had the store dude check the old ones out with their load meter and found that they were both low, but both still had good amperage. So, since I had replaced the factory alternator (with Duralast) back in July 09, I picked up a new one under warranty (for whatever that's worth).

Long story short, I thought I might have a wiring problem, but everything I've checked is pointing to both the old and new (rebuilt) PoS alts being bad.

With both circuit 36 and 904 putting out ~12.5v (motor running), the B+ terminal puts out zilch. I get 0 ohms from the B+ terminal to my primary batt and I can't find any blown fuses. The only odd ball I ran accross is circuit 904 puts out about 100mV when the ignition is off and on my other truck I'm only seeing ~5mV and when the engine is running circuit 904 puts out less than my batt voltage.

I'm sure I can pull this PoS and get a new one under warranty, but I want to end this insanity!!!

Who makes a reliable HO alternator?

Has anyone had any luck getting a refund from AZ based on re-occurring crap products?

Thanks for any ideas!
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