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alright folks i need some advice

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so i am sittin' here with this 2000 F250
I screwed up buying a short bed
cuz now i am sitting here tryin' to covert to a drw and my options are very limited

what makes more sense?
still try to find a bed and shoot new paint on the entire truck and cherry this dang thing out buy addressing interior and everything

find a nice flatbed (along bradford built lines) and use the extra money for performance mods

pull my trans and trade off on a LWB DRW (taking the chance of finding someone else's headache)
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30ft stock trailer
30ft Flatbed
trying to hotshot (trying to find a way to make a livin' and be my own boss)

cant find a way to justify sellin the truck w/ trans and what i owe with out completely screwin' myself
looking at somethings along these lines

would do you guys think?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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