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I had purchased an AirDog FP80 in 2006. the unit worked great and felt the $650 price tag (w/shipping) was worth the results.
So last week the pressure light comes on and stays on. thinking it was a plugged filter, I replaced both the water separator and the fuel filter using a FF100-10 since it is still winter here. The low pressure light stays on, and further checking reveals a blown fuse. I replace the fuse, and the motor runs but is VERY labored and blows the fuse again after about 5 seconds of running.
Finding no wiring issues, I called the AirDog folks and relayed my situation.
They advised they could sell me a replacement at a discounted rate of just over $200. I completed the transaction and got the replacement pump. My original pump had a 3 pin connector, and the replacement unit has a 2 pin connector with no low pressure switch. I called back and they told me I could modify the harness or buy a new harness for $50.00

I am kinda wondering about this, since the original fuel pump has 18 years on it and is still going strong, and while the original AirDog went 12 years, that is still almost $60/year for the benefits. That seems a bit steep and I am not looking forward to this occurring again.

Am I wrong to being a bit disappointed with the $200 replacement cost and having to hack up my existing harness?

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