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Air Dam Installed

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I finally shook off the lazies and got my super-MPG air dam installed tonight. It still has the layout lines on it, but I fueled up so I can get an MPG test going.

Clearance: 1" above grade.

Pix and reports to follow.
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Re: Air Dam Installeded

First tankful shows a 1.0 MPG improvement. We are into cool enough weather here in Indiana that my peak MPG is past but with the air dam, I can match my best hot weather MPG even in cooler weather.

Pix are gonna hold off until I pull it off (in a couple weeks) and purty it up. I need to trim it and the road is marking how much I need to trim.

Next order of business - side ground effect skirts.
Do you get extra $$$ plowing the roads for DOT with that airdam in winter?
Re: Air Dam Installeded


Pretty please.... I wanna see what it looks like.

It would take quite a bit of material to make an air dam for the truck in your avatar. LOL.

On edit: Can't make the image linked above to display. Sigh.
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1 - 2 of 77 Posts
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