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AHHHHH, another oil change done...

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750k on my rigs and 90% of the oil has been changed at Jiffy Lube!:ford:
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LOL oil change in my driveway.

16x4 rotella syn 5/40
9.99 motorcraft filter
10 minutes and your done
I have been laughing my ass off horribly damn wife is WTF.

truck cost 54k
Chip 849 original 3 pos ATS turbo systems
Honed out stocker injs 2400 installed
BB ATSTurbo systems 2200 installed
1st Ford reman tranny 3400 installed
2nd 4 pos TS chip 425
Reg return with sx pump 1100
2nd tranny BTS 4200 installed locally
Modded IDM 200
EIS inj's + 3rd 4 pos chip DPtuner 1550
Fass fuel 749
Terminator 2600
Diesel site hybrids 3600 total with crap cores
QSSB Turbo with ceramic coat 2600
Taper core 1750
Twildman chip ??? can't remember think it was a trade for 2nd 4 pos ts and 75 bucks.
Live tune DPtuner 250

I know I am missing somethings or prices are +- a few 100 glad joe gets his oil changed on company money.LMFAO
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1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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