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AHHHHH, another oil change done...

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750k on my rigs and 90% of the oil has been changed at Jiffy Lube!:ford:
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Hay, what do they charge to do a oil change? I would never have them do it unless I don't have the time or feel the need to do it myself. My last one cost me around 60 bucks I'd say, but I paid a premium for the oil($13.00 a gallon). I know you can get it at Wall Mart for 8 something. I'm not saying I don't trust them to do it right, I have never paid a person to do a oil change on anything I have ever owned, and I have been driving for twenty years. I guess oil changes are just something I don't mind doing myself, ther are other things I would love to pay someone to do, like putting the new trans in, but I can't afford it so I have to do it by myself. LOL

What do they cost me... Hummm Nothing...:D But they cost the company today... Looking at the reciept... 241.81... For rotella syn at 15 a gallon and HOLY CRAP!!! They charge 70 bucks to change a fuel filter!!!:lame: What the hell! I got to talk the office into paying me to do this crap!!!
The only thing better than that is that Csi fuel card in your wallet:rockwoot:
I do have it kinda good huh... No truck payment, no maintance (other then crap I break...) and no fuel charge... But I do miss my family
120,000 as of tomarrow...
What I am going to do is put down 430hp... then walk home...LOL
Well.................., I'm pretty sure I can estimate what it costs to build an engine or two, and being that Kainers never had his out of the chassis. I would bet he's a few grand behind you, but HP ahead?:poke:

I'll be helping CSI feed those animals, so it's a win win!:D

Hey... did I mention I get my oil changed at Jiffy Lube...
...oil change...
OK Joe's here my last offer, for $240 I'll change your oil, hand you a beer and let you surf porn on the web while you wait, but thats as low as I can go. :D
Man I'll do that all day long! Line 'em up! :D
Yes but you both forget... I dont have to pay Jiffy Lube... Fleet account...:D
AWWWWW it feels all warm and fuzzy in here...
GO GO Jiffy Lube...

And in the time its taken to post this thread to this point... Monday or Tuesday its time for another oil change at Jiffy LUBE!!! LOL
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