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AHHHHH, another oil change done...

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750k on my rigs and 90% of the oil has been changed at Jiffy Lube!:ford:
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GTjerk is allways right he knows every thing. The little boy has it going on man LOL:lame::lame::lame::lame: GTS=:supergay: lol
Yes but you both forget... I dont have to pay Jiffy Lube... Fleet account...:D
I hope you check your oil before you leave. A friend of mine had his 5.9 ctd filled with atf LOL.
I suppose you use a Fram filter as well?
Might as well not even change your oil if your useing a fram filter:lame:
Geoff If all I had to choose a fram or not to change my oil I would not change my oil.

I found out New Holland equipment made a deal with fram for some of the smaller filters:lame: for like 100hp and smaller. But that was 2 years ago I don't know if it still that way
LOL WOW:rockwoot:
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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