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ah gregrob...

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the word associan game seems to have run out or road,um, so lets see here if we were in this really intense technal discussion abouy beer or chicken wings,and filled 10 pages,thats it end of discussion,nobody gets to see how the movie ends.well i believe we have discovered a very serious flaw in the psm machine,just thought i would bring it to your attention.
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My vote for the "Weirdest Thread of the Year" award!
It's day three & I still can't figgure out what's going on, or what the point is...:shrug:
Yeah. OK, well, uh, we found, uh, this mouse in a bottle of YOUR BEER, eh. Like, we was at a party and, uh, a friend of ours - a COP - had some, and HE PUKED. And he said, uh, come here and get free beer or, uh, he'll press charges
Wow, I just remembered that line from "Strange Brew":hehe:
you guys think im weird...bummer...
You might be weird but your part of what make's PSN so great. Just like the rest of us misfits & rejects.:ford:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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