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I have replaced the master slave unit on my truck once, and in doing so I can not stop thinking about how poorly and cheaply engineered every aspect of the system is. The peace of mind of a solidly engineered system would be worth at least 400 bucks to me.

I am curious to know how many on this forum would be interested in a aftermarket replacement system. If there is interest how do we go about getting a vendor here to make a bit of money off of it. Seems like there are at least 20 different flywheel clutch options but nothing for hydraulics which makes no sense.

Considering the entire POS assemblies can go for 150-200 bucks from ford and they are getting harder to find. It seems an aftermarket solution made with hard lines (brake lines?), and either Stainless or aluminum master and slave would sell pretty well. Even if one of the sponsors could adapt wilwood products or something in the form of a kit.

It is a trouble part that every ZF6 owner has to deal with at some point or another and would be a steady seller if priced at a but of a premium or comparable to the ford Junk.

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