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Advice on a trade please?

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I've had my 6.4 for a year now and i have considered trading it. Mine is an 09 6.4 with 71,000 and I would trade it for a 07 5.9 cummins with 130,000 and I would get $1,000 out of the deal as well. My question is, do you guys think this is a smart trade? Any advice is welcomed. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
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So realistic your doubling your miles for $1000? Not sure whats the good in the trade, but this is coming from a true blue 100% ford driver and owner but $1000 for 59,000 less miles dont seem real smart to me
Older truck with twice the miles? Are you serious? I got some things to trade ya too! Jk. Don't do it. Those Cummins are pigs
man there is no way I would trade your truck for the Cummings even with same miles and a grand boot.

really spend a little delete that truck and you will be in love with it.

I had Cummings before I had a durapad and I back in a ford now you same truck, htat I had in the first place. Just don't do it buddy
Thanks for the feedback. I was wrong as well, the 5.9 has 73,000 and I have 71,000. Still not a good trade even with it only being 2,000 apart?
Stick with your 6.4 from every thing I have seen with dodge is not good I think the motor is a good strong one but the rest of the truck is built like #### from axles breaking to the truck feeling like it was going to fall apart.
just delete yours and stay on top of mainecne and your be happy with your truck.

if you still thought about tradeing I would want 4 grand boot no less to go to a 07 model.

you had your truck for a yr now u got a feel for her. Swapping to a new to you 07 is lthe whole new thing again. And you may end up hateing it with a passion.
just my 2 cents
I don't think it's a bad deal in that because ur going to a cummins because I've owned both an older 5.9 and a common rail 5.9. It all depends on what you prefer. I absolutely love my 6.4 but sometimes I do wish I had my old cummins back just because I know a lot more about them and the simplicity and ease to work on them. I love them both but like I said it all depends on what your using it for and your preference. If I was getting your offer I would be mind boggled because that's a tough decision. But out of the box performance I think the 6.4 tops the cummins. My
Opinion but that wouldn't hold me back because you can make that 5.9 rip just as good as the 6.4. And it all depends in how well you maintain your vehicles. Either way it wouldn't be a bad trade, especially if your getting money. I wouldn't worry about the years difference because it's a 5.9 and has been in that truck for years. Not like your trading it for a 6.0 or something.
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