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Just did a 6.4 l engine swap and recharged the ac. I was moving an AC line around and the wires came out of the what i think is the high pressure switch connector. I plugged back the way I think they came out and the ac compressor does not turn on. I tried 2 different times and blew the 10 amp fuse in the fuse box under the hood.
Can anyone out there with a 2009 6.4 liter tell me what the colors are that go in the plug itself or take a photo. The plug has numbers on the backside corners from 1-4.
I have it plugged in the following sequence:
1. Gray wire with a yellow stripe
2. Gray wire
3. Green wire
4. Blue wire
Does anyone know to check the clutch diode that is in the underhood fuse box? It has a 1.0 on it.
Any help is appreciated.


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