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Ac not cold at idle?

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I recently changed my best and pulled wire out of fan plug so hard wired them but was doing this befor that and I don't over heat at idle. I hear it kick on and off and works great driving. Any suggestions? And I'm not ac savoy so what role does the clutch play?

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Any help is much appreciated don't want to have a pretty girl in the heat this time a year hah

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Huh? I got your question about what role does the clutch fan play in the a/c working... Nothing in it's function as far as making things cold goes, it just runs more when the a/c is on because the motor is working harder to run the extra load. When you turn the a/c on 'max' the fan will always engage and stay on.

The rest I cannot interpret.
It's cold while driving but when I stop and truck idles it goes hot.

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Well, I'm sure by now you need a little more r134.. Simple enough DIY, you can get the gauge/hose at any of the fast food auto places for like $25 and cans of refrigerant there or elsewhere for anywhere from $8 a can (Ollie's here in PA... I bought all they had) to upwards of $30 depending on whatever super secret magic ingredients they claim is contained within. For a vehicle that's not leaking and the old refrigerant hasn't been recovered all you need is straight refrigerant... Most cans out on the shelf have a percentage of oil in it too, too much oil isn't good. So read the label carefully and find one that is refrigerant *only* and no oil or stop leak or genie in the bottle. If you're getting good cold air on the highway I don't see why you'd need more than one can to top it off.. The gauge will tell you if you do tho. Most if not all the fast food gauges I've seen are pretty much idiot proof, The dial behind the needle has a green zone for where you want to be, yellow for a little too much, and red for you're about to see the dark side of the moon.

Fun part is getting at the high side fitting under the cowl.
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Any help is much appreciated I DO want to have a pretty girl in heat this time a year hah

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FIFY :evil
Brother I've been fighting with this problem for 2 months . I checked the gap on my compressor clutch. My r134a is where it needs to be . I'm at a lost . I've spent hours researching and all I get is the usual . Fan clutch , r134a , and the compressor clutch gaped right . Everything works it just blows hot at idle and it's driving me nuts. It's said when my 96 cc f350s ac blows cold at idle and an 08 don't ...
Did you ever find the solution for this?...

Yes, a bump from the dead.
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