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I've got two separate issues with my truck.

The first issue is that when driving about 30 - 40 I get a vibration thru the steering wheel and I can feel/hear what sounds like metal on metal. It sounds like two things are spinning and making the sound, in other words it's not a constant vibration, like the brakes are dragging on the rotor. I also noticed that there was a loose rattle last weekend when I pulled into my dad's driveway over his curb at maybe 5 mph.

In Iast year I:
Front calipers, rotors and pads as well as as brake lines on all four corners
Replaced the drivers wheel bearing, passengers needle bearing
The 2 rear most drive shaft u joints
The front u joint at the pinion
The passengers front axle inner seal(requiring me to pull the carrier in sub zero temps)
Both outer axle seals
PS pump, inner/outer tie rods
Adjustable track bar
Leaf spring bushings with energy suspension bushings
Front axle u bolts
Sway bar bushings and links front and rear

Ball joints are two years old

I've checked everything to see if there are any loose bolts and everything is tight. My tires are 305/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers with 8/32 remaining (19/32 new) and have been balanced and rotated every 6k miles.

I did find a broken u bolt on my dual steering stabilizer so I removed that one. The weird thing is that after I replaced the brakes it was "better" until I seasoned them and now it's back but not as bad. I used my air bleeder to bleed the air from the lines.

I've a few ideas but I wanted to see if the community had any ideas. Everything I've read on here thus far hasn't worked for me. Also, both axle pinion seals are leaking but I keep the fluid up until I can get them replaced.

My second issue which just started in the past week is the engine is loping at idle. It seems to run fine while driving. I did replace the UVCH on the drivers side 2 years back so I'm wondering if the passenger side is failing. I just did an oil change about 3k miles ago with Rotella synthetic. The fuel filter was changed about 2k mills ago.

Any help we would be appreciated as I'm about to move from IL to CO and don't need problems on the way out.
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