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Hey,I’ve been planning on doing a front suspension swap on my 1999.5 f250 to the coil suspension from 05+ superdutys, I found a whole front end off a 2008 truck for $300 and bought it,after research I realized a few parts won’t possibly work with the swap to my truck and had a few questions if anyone’s done this before with a 08 front end, questions are - will the 2008 coil buckets work on 99 chassis? or do I need to get the 05-07 buckets?, will the sway bar/links from the 08 work on my chassis? What do I need to get the 99 pitman arm to fit (temporary)?,and are any of the parts I listed below incompatible with the 99 chassis swap? I’ll list everything I have for the swap here

-08 front axle/diff
-08 radius arms
-08 radius arm brackets
-08 coil buckets
-05-07 track bar bracket
-08 track bar
-08 tie rods /drag links ,also have 05-07
-05-07 coils & bilstien shocks & level kit
-05+ RC dual steering stabilizers
-05-07 &08 calipers
-05-07 brake hoses and fittings

any help would be appreciated Thank you!
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