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97 F250 7.3 / 96 F350 5.8 Gas - one truck?

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Wondering if it would be possible to make one truck from both of these trucks. I own the 7.3, however the body is falling apart and I wouldn't mind having a little more space for passengers when needed. I found a 96 F350 crew cab on CL with a nice cab and bed. Would it be possible to swap the cab and bed from the F250 frame? If not would some kind of combination of parts work to make one truck from both of these?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I just recently got done doing this swap. I had a 95 extended cab long bed 4x4. I found a parted out 94 crew cab long bed and swapped everything from my 95 to the 94 including dash wiring and all. That crew cab looks like its 2wd I know you can modify the frame and make it 4x4 but it might be easier to do a Rsk and go solid axle when you do it. I don't have any 2wd to 4x4 experiance so don't take my words to heart on how to do it lol. It was a long project for me but it was well worth it now that I have the extra room in the cab. My 95 was a powerstroke and the 94 was the idi so I'm not sure how different the engine cross member would be from gas to diesel.
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