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I have a 1997 7.3 powerstroke.
It's having idling issues. It jumps rpms to 600 to 700, but if I hold the throttle down at about 700rpms, it begins to stall out, but catches itself before it'll stall and goes back up to about 600rpms. Without holding the throttle, idling is very shakey and rough. The entire truck shakes and feels like a misfire. I went to a mechanic and got it scanned, and it's not throwing any codes. All my injectors are good too.
The truck drives fine after about 1000 rpms.
There is little, to no blowby.
Oil has not even 500 miles on it, and fuel filter has even less.
Checked the fuses to make sure they weren't blown, and none were.

I just changed the CPS(CMS) today and it didn't help.

What should I check next? Thanks in advance for any help.

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