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The engine was removed from a wrecked 1997 e350 7.3l with 112k miles. I bought the engine recently for my 2002 truck and there will be other parts I can't use in the swap but I just haven't pulled them off the block yet. So the stuff below is all I have available for now.

I'm pricing stuff based on what I've seen looking around. If I am high, pm me an offer.

I will only ship to the lower 48. Thanks for looking.

1. Engine wiring harness. $140 shipped
See pics: (The only thing cut was was the power cable 12" from the GP relay, easy fix)

2. Complete fuel bowl- $50 shipped

3. Glow plug relay with bracket- $20 shipped

4. Intake adapter with bracket- $50 shipped

5. Bell housing / starter bracket - $120 - PLUS actual shipping

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