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'96 obs powerstroke radiator core support replacement

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Ok so I ow n a '96 obs powerstroke and my radiator core support is literally rotted in half I have however gotten a good used replacement off a '97 f350 powerstroke and im in the process of removing the old one and got stuck on the 8mm bolts that are right under the turn signal is there any way or trick to getting those out?
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your talking about the ones that hold the headlight assembly in place.....its a stud. The nut is on the back side of the support behind the batteries.
I already have it tore apart enough to tell that there's no nut only a threaded clip and it ties the headlight support into the radiator core as well as the front quarter panel
snap a pic. Im not following what your saying....
I can post a picture if you like so you know the general area that im talking about
Pm me your number so I can text it to you real quick
Because I'm not driving but my only access to the internet is through my phone and I can't figure out how in the world to post a pic on here lol

shows how to remove headlight assembly
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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