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96 f350 died wont start

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Hey all new to the forums. Looking for help on a
96 f350 was driving home the other night and the
Truck just died. Cel came on an now it wont start
At all. So far i have changed fuel filter, camshaft
Position sensor, and passenger bank valve cover gasket
And wiring harness's. Still wont start, also checked
All underhood fuses. Not exactly new to powerstrokes
Just never had one just die like this without something
Obvious bein wrong. Any help would b greatly appreciated
Also forgot wait to start light does not come on anymore
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Just a shot in the dark but maybe the glow plug relay or fuel pump fuse.
On a superduty this is pretty much always the fuel bowl heater blowing a fuse #22?
Not sure OBS if is the same or not but worth looking into....

If not that the. You REALLY need to get it hooked to a computer before spending any more $ throwing parts at it....

If not for the lack of WTS light I would've said IPR but lack of the light indicates that the PCM is fried or not getting power.
No fuel pump fuse since it is a 96. Recheck the fuses under the hood and make sure that #22 and #9 are good. #22 goes to the fuel heater located in the filter housing and when it is blown there is no WTS light.
I have checked all fuses twice now will check again just to b sure. My friend has a few 96 ps sittin around i was thinkin swapping it out just to see if its the pcm. Ipr what exactly is that?
Fuel level on the dash? tried unplugging the icp sensor and cranking on it? checked engine oil level? it would be very helpful if you could get a scanner that reads live data on the truck, but i understand that isn't always an option.
Has good oil lvl just changed a few days previous fuel gauge around half. Were is icp sensor to unplug? Tried auto ingenuity for the old powerstroke would not connect
When my died it was the ecm no glow plug light
icp sensor is a 3 wire sensor on the drivers side head, towards the front of the motor.
I will try that in the am thanks for all the advice guys
Pull the fuel bowl heater fuse one more time and toss it in the trash n replace w a new one... if still no joy, swap out the pcm.... no wts and A/E won't connect says the problem isn't anywhere on the engine... you could pull the engine out of the truck and as long as power and ground were hooked up you should have wts and pcm connectivity.

IPR is in the back of the HPOP but don't worry about it or the ICP .... until you can get the PCM working nothing else is gonna do you any good.
unplugged fuel bowl heater an replaced fuse, figured a fuse is cheap, still no joy. Thought what the heck an unplugged the icp started kinda rough but started. Its gettin cool out an it has had glowplug issues. Can I just replace this sensor or does this mean something else is wrong? Wait to start light came back on as soon as I unplugged icp
WOW I screwed the pooch on that one! sorry.... Yup sounds like the ICP is shorted out and was killing the reference signal from the PCM keeping it from working... a new one should most likely get you going.....
I almost did as well lol, had the pcm unplugged then figured i better make absolutely sure that fuse wasnt bad. Figured while i had it plugged back in might as well check the icp to. Should b able to change that in the morning if i can find one around town. Will post back if something else comes up
They range in price from $25 to $100 depending on where you get em

There is an ebay store called powerstroked girl that sells em for $27 and they claim to test every new sensor before selling them.
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