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Okay been reading and getting lost.

Issue: Cold start It will start after being plugged in.
I get white smoke from exhaust, engine cranks about 200 rpm.

Tested GPR by checking voltage drop accross relay. Drop was about .2 volts.
GPR does click on and off and seems to be reading correctly based on voltage drop.

amp meter that i have shows about 180 amps being pulled when glow plugs are on.

GPR stays on for around 2 minutes when cold outside.

Checked resistance of glow plugs. All 8 are reading about 1 ohm.

I purchased a autoenginuity scan tool with the ford package. Just got it last night. Still figuring it out

Ran some tests. Getting around 2800 PSI on the icp when cranking cold and the engine is not starting. Have not plugged it in as of yet to warm it up. RPM was 150. These results are from the scan tool.

Where should I go next.
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