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95 powerstroke dying

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my 95 f350 will die when I drive. It could be 1 mile or 15 miles down the road. It will cut out real bad and then die. I also had it where it idled completely down from 60 mph and I had nothing on the pedal and then died. This morning it seemed like I prevented it from dying when it went to cutting out I kept rpms low. Any ideas? It's been around 30 here in mornings which is when It seems to happen after it has sit. Just changed the oil and filter and fuel filter. No codes. Any help would be great. Thanks!!
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Sounds fuel related to me. Have you tried switching tanks when it happens? The other possibility is the ipr or the hpop. Do you have an obd2 scanner and torque pro? It's the best $30.00 you'll spend on the truck. Spend another $7.00 and get car gauge pro, too.
Hard not to rule out fuel. I did switch tanks and thought it worked at first. Then it did this morning on the other tank. Didn't die be maybe because I kept it in low rpms. All I have is my edge for the obd2. Now why would it only do it within the first 15 mins of driving?
Just fixed similar problem with my truck. Took out the 2 year old Ford grey cps and put back in the old black international cps. Problem solved. My truck has never run better.
I just had a similar problem on my 97. It seemed like it would run fine when the oil was cold and thick. Once it warmed up the truck would cut out, no warning and could go days and not do it then bam it would happen again. If you let the truck sit for 15-20 minutes it would start again.

I rebuilt the IPR, cheap just need to get the orings. The surprise was the wires on the pigtail were exposed and potentially touching with the vibration of the engine. I replaced it and so far so good.
Cps is my guess
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