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95 no crank

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I recently swapped motor tranny and wire harness from a wrecked 96 to a 95 and now I have no wts light no crank and a theft light blinking! I can however crank from the starter silinoid but not sure if that's doing any good
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Anti-theft disarm procedure is in the 1995 owner's manual.

Automatic or manual tranny? Did you consult both a '95 and a '96 EVTM to determine that the harnesses are interchangeable?
Automatic, and no what is a evtm I don't think the truck has a manuel
Everything was the same on the two harnesses well they appear to be lol I bought the 95 cause I wrecked the 96 and was hoping for a cheap fixer up
What was/is wrong with the wiring harness in the '95?
It was melted in the fuse box under the hood
An EVTM is an Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual. They are available in paper versions from Helm Inc. Cheers!
Alrighty I'll look into it!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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