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95 E4OD NO Lock up

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alright went through a core tranny and put in a 95 (due to a cracked case in the origial) The core was believed to be a 96 or newer per the rough casting identifiers printed on the valvebodies indicating a 96 build year. The tranny was built and with a transgo tugger kit tuned to around 300hp and a rebuilt single disc suncoast convertor was installed

The convertor will not lockup on it's own or forced manually with a lockup switch.

The solenoid pack was acting goofy so i replaced that first with a known good 96+ pack Still no go i can here the pack clicking when the lock up switch is thrown but no lockup

Next thought rebuilt convertor was fubared... Replace that with a new HD single disc unit and still no lockup

Then i start investigating deeper, per the rough casting numbers on the new tranny case it is a 90 model case, I then pulled the valvebodies and verified this by comparing the worm tracks to my manuals it is indeed a 90 model (9 ball case) And when i recived it it had 96+ valve bodies (the pan was loose and had been off so who knows what they had done)

I reinstalled 1990 model valvebodies (and the 96 solenoid pack) and still no lockup, can here it click but no lock up


Thanks Travis
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