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Hey guys,
I bought this truck this past summer. It belonged to an implement dealer and was their delivery truck so i knew where it came from and how good of care they took care of it so it is very mechanically sound. it was totally stock with stock wheels exhaust etc. I used this truck as my daily driver to get to school and back and haven't put too many miles on it (5k maybe) I have loved driving this truck so far as it gets 20-22MPG and this was my first step into the Diesel World.I am looking to trade truck almost even up! i may be able to throw in 1k or so but basically looking to trade with no $. im in no hurry to get rid of this and dont mind keeping it! i just thought i would see what kind of offers i would get! so feel free to throw any offers at me!

The truck is still pretty stock as i just wanted to see what i could do with it!
It's a 1994 2500 RCLB 5spd. 4x4 250,000mi. white (was originally silver).

1. I removed the fuel plate
2. silencer ring is out
3. 6" single black stack (sounds like a freakin' semi!!!)
4. blacked out interior
5. 16"x10" ion alloy wheels (Brand new)
6. 35" BFGoodrich mud terrains (80%)
7. 3" leveling kit
8. blacked out windows
9. Brand new batteries
10. painted and coated frame
11. under dash lights (on switch)
12. DMI
13. new fuel filter.
14. new rough country 3-5" lift shocks on all four corners
15. starwheel turned 5 notches.
17. front brakes gone through some new parts
I'm sure there is something im forgetting...

rust on bottom of front fenders
small rust on top of rear fenders. (fixable)
Very very small amount of rust on door bottom.
cracked windshield
headliner missing
a/c doesn't blow super cold but cold enough

(can text PLENTY more pics of anything you need!)

this truck is very reliable and i would travel anywhere in this thing as the implement dealer travled across state with it almost every week when they had it. it will pull any load you put behind it and it is very strong and consistent with straight and good steering! It starts perfect also! thats all i can think of for now... if i think of more i will tell you. the number is 2179712998 so you can text or call anytime with any questions... im sure im forgetting something but just let me know with any questions. and Im not sure if im required to have a cash price on this but if i were to have to it would probably be pretty high because i will be out of a truck if i sell outright. so 8k! like i said though, mainly looking to trade especially for an OBS. thank you very much for looking!

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I have a 95 f250 psd I'd trade you. 200k on truck 125K on motor and a fresh transmission its 4x4 and no rust what so ever.
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