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Hey there guys. I currently have a 94 F350 CCLB. It's 4wd. Last year I installed a PMF RSK kit which was the 3.5" kit I believe. It's been a while so I can't recall exactly. Also in the back I put in 5" lift blocks from PMF as well. SuperDuty springs all around. Bilstein 5100 Series shocks to go along with all that.

The ride is wonderful, and the height is nice, but I'd like to climb up to about 4 more inches of lift. I would like to know what all I would need to accomplish this. I've heard various things and I'd like to ask you guys some questions to help me decide what direction to go.

First, I've heard about having to lengthen the drive shaft. Is this correct? How would I go about doing this if it needs to be done? Is it worth it to have a custom shaft built that would be one piece instead of having a shaft cut and then lengthened, essentially pieced together and running a higher risk of vibration issues?

Next, I've also see where folks use a carrier bearing drop mount. I think I just read somewhere that 1/4" of drop per 1 inch of lift. Is this correct? In this, would i be taking the amount of lift the RSK provided as well as the lift kit combined?

I have a question regarding the rear. with having 5" blocks in there now, would I be adding a 4" lift spring on top of that? What if I wanted to eliminate the block and just go all spring? Would I then look for an 8" lift spring and maybe a 2" stock block or something like that? The tall 5" block with a lift spring on it just doesn't seem safe to me. But I'm not overly knowledgeable either.

I do tow a travel trailer on occasion as well, and my wife and i plan to buy one in the near future, we just rent now. I'd like to put some air bags in the back for weight distribution assisting. How would I go about putting those in with the lift springs. They go between the springs and the frame don't they? Or would they go between the axle and springs in this case?

Last question is, I was looking into the super ride springs, or the super soft ones. They're supposedly a softer riding spring than a standard lift spring, but is it worth the money? Also, would I be looking to get super duty springs now that I've converted over to them now.

My assumption of what I need is the following:

Front Lift springs (4?) plus the 3.5" rsk
Rear Lift Springs (8?) to eliminate the blocks
New shocks all around
Carrier baring drop

What else?

Thanks all. I appreciate any help I can get.

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