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Hey guys...ive been gone for awhile due to no internet because verizon had to take their own damn time installing FIOS and we canceld our other provider...its been a month i believe!!!!

well i bought this truck about 1month ago and it needed work...alot of it and now im buying a 92 F350 with turbo and everything i need with out all the work and rust

1991 F250 XLT Lariat 4X4
Pretty much every option you could get on a F-250, 350 truck besides ambulance package (LOL)
Off Road package
Tow Package
7.3 IDI Non Turbo
8ft bed

Im not going to lie this truck needs some help, lets start

Needs new window motor
Needs new hitch (if u want)
Needs exhaust (very religious)
Air Conditioner does not work
U-Joints need replacing
Ball Joints need replacing
Fuel lines leak both front and rear tanks
needs pulleys cleaned of rust (as to not tear up belts)
bottom left rear corner of cab has rust(i have removed 90% of rust but needs bondo and so on)

and on too what ive done
ABSOLUETLY new brake system...i mean everything has been replaced
Runs and starts every time and runs great
New batteries
New parking break cables
Fixed charing problem
New transmission
New Glow plugs
New starter

Im sure there is stuff missing...
Email me for pics i will post a few 2maro on here but i have loads of pics and may make a video and post on youtube

Just wanted to see if there are any interested buyers, asking $2,000 obo

cell: 443-643-7350
email: [email protected]

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