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Im going to post this on another forum as well, but I thought Id see if you guys could help me out here. The harness for my Turbo engine is obviously OBS specific, so I had to make an extention pigtail for the harness plug to run it to the other side of the engine. Now the problem is where it plugs in. I know the Green/Red wire is for my Alt, I have that figured out, but the other two go to something (Tach?) and My chiltons doesnt list the wire colors for the gauges. My AC compressor switch also comes out there on the OBS harness, where does it come out on the 88?? Just trying to button up the wiring here. 88ford, would you happen to know?

Worst case Ill head out to the JY and see if I can find a bricknose diesel and get the harness.

And what does this plug go to??

Both are on the passenger side next to the solenoid.

Thanks, Justin
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