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Guys, unfortunately I'm possibly gonna have to pass on the toy truck... I've about decided that the engine for the mustang may be more important, and my scratch fund has gotten a bit short. I despise the thought of giving up something I've always wanted, but it might just have to be one of those that got away

Its a second owner truck, and has quite a few miles (234K showing), but still runs well, and starts every time I've turned the key. No smoke, no funky noises, or anything else. It's not a beauty queen, but with a little time, it would be the perfect hunting truck/trail rig.

The goods:
Stock 22RTE engine - Runs great, but turbo is shot- easily swapped for a CT26 from a turbo MR2 or Celica.
5spd, shifts fine, no funky noises or anything
Manual windows/locks
Radio works
Seats and Drivers vinyl floor a bit rough
A/C runs, but think the blend door or temp cable may be frozen
Needs one front hub repaired (spring replaced?)
Alternator isnt charging for some reason
Typical older toyota truck bedside rust
Tires are old

With an alternator and some tires, I wouldnt be afraid to drive this thing anywhere. It has been rock solid dependable for my grandfather, but they fell on hard times, and sold it to me. Here is someone's chance to own something you don't see all that often, and be able to make it exactly what they want!

$2200 OBO, or trade for a carhauler and/or 302 parts (Pistons, rings, bearings, etc.). Will post some pics tomorrow. Truck is located in Starkville, MS.



I started buffing on it a day or two ago, but got called away to work. You can see that I buffed the hood, and the pass side fender. You can see that save for the rust in the bed, it would be a sharp little truck. If I get a chance this weekend, I'll finish it.

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