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7.3l powerstroke engine tick please help

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So last month I was in Cheyenne WY and noticed my engine making an off beat ticking noise between 1350-1600 rpm. I drop back to Laramie wy and the next morning the noise was gone. headed back to Denver co where it hasn't made a sound until mid last week. The sounds seemed to always disappear at 1750 and above rpms until this morning where it was still randomly ticking around 2200 cruising 75mph. this noise sounds like an exhaust leak but it comes and goes. before I got the diesel shop this morning the noise disappeared again. seems to happen hot or cold. truck doesn't smoke when it makes this noise, it just doesn't sound good. any ideas? engine parts are all original its a 2000 7.3 with 184k miles. changed fuel filter and fuel pump because it was making noise. tested with fuel pressure gauge at 64psi
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Just an update, I have a riff raff frx coming, I'm skeptical if it will fix the problem but I heard it helps the over all engine performance so I figured why not.
I was looking at that frx on their website yesterday. Let us know if it's worth doing. Could the tick be a boost leak?
Unlikely. They don't seem to do much, and not really worth the money.
Check your up pipes for leaks.
Someone told me they were kind of a must at 500+ horse which I plan to be making by the end of the next summer. I did check the up pipes for leaks. the noise that I hear happens exactly just like in this video. idles perfect just like his. I also have the ebpv hooked to switch so i figured with that closed i should easily hear an exhaust leak if there was one. idk if this is a cracked flexplate? i just thought those make noise at idle as well. sounds to me like a miss but there are no codes or anything up on the truck
Ah, okay.
I'm not sure the exact noise a cracked flexplate makes.
But to me that sounds like a injector.
I was thinking the same thing the shop I brought it to thought otherwise. they said that normally it will have a miss at idle if that was the case. problem is I want to get 250cc injectors for the truck, plan is to build 500+ horse but I don't have the time or space to do all the supporting mods at the moment. can those injectors be tuned down with tuning? I guess I will bring it back and have kill injectors till the noise doesn't change at that speed
Yeah, they can all be tuned down.
Do you have a way to watch ICP and duty cycle while driving? That would probably tell you a lot.
yes I do, ICP was about 2600 at nearly WOT at 75mph with chip on 75HP tune. i will have to install parameters to watch the duty cycle tonight. im using a scan gauge to watch it
ok looked at icp and ipr on the way home running down the interstate. ipr duty cycle right before shift into od at 70-75 was at 34% and icp was flat lined at 2750. chip was set on stock. according to swamps diesel this indicates a pretty good hpop. I do have a lot of oil running down the back of my engine onto down pipe but I think if it were leaking out of the HPO system it would have been a lot lower pressure. I also just removed the flextplate inspection cover and flexplate appears good. I also checked to see if starter was maybe half disengaged and possibly hitting the ring gear but it doesn't appear to be there was a pretty good gap. the truck was also making the noise at around 40mph lugged down in od at 1300 ish rpm 2000 icp and 24% duty cycle. going to buzz test and cyl contribution test tomorrow. if anybody has any ideas on what else to look for please feel free to chime in :)
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I'm not sure where ICP and duty cycle are supposed to be, but figured someone else would see it and could tell you. But it doesn't sound like a HPO problem.
You listed fuel pressure at 64 psi. Is that idling or under load?
ok update. truck is down for repair now haha. Got home from work noticed it was running kinda rough at 1100 ish rpm turned chip up to high idle went to listen to exhaust to see if I could hear it missing and it was pouring white smoke ( fuel) so looks like I have an injector issue blow by is a minimum
well. new injector was put in. injector 8 was faulty. ran truck 30 miles still making the ticking noise that was heard before the injector failed. I believe I have a fuel supply issue now. I think #8 going out was a result of it. if anyone has heard the noise posted in the youtube video I could use the help.
Sorry it was number #7. Passenger side rear
Hey guys its been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then. So after no luck with moving injectors I decided to buy a compression tester. I removed the glow plugs on all cylinders and started testing. Culprit cylinder number 7 was at around 200 psi. Rest ran at around 330. I'm close to Denver so I'm sure.altitude played roll but after pulling the engine it was aparent there was significant wear in the other cylinders. The lower compression ring on 7 was stuck on the piston(still is, Ill show pictures of everything) had to go .020 over on the block machinist said engine looked "dusted". I have the stock air intake system on the truckand plan to go with the Napa filter. Also had go do intake valves, guides, and rod bushings. Doing Arp head studs, comp cam springs and smith bros push rods.Got the motocraft rebuild kit from riffraff diesel and had the pistons bowl lips machined out (said it helps prevent the piston from cracking). I have a few questions for the few who have been down this road. How is the top ring installed? I noticed I'd marked red on one side and yellow on the other. Also what is used on the cylinder head pipe plugs, red loctite or green?? My Hpop lines were leaking and found diesel o had the o rings for the quick conects and ordered em. Then I noticed this place is no more
Than 20 miles from my house in Colorado WOOOT!!!. When I upgrade my turbo to the 38r I will for sure go through him for the convience and cheapest price on the web(that I could find) I'm also replacing the oil pan since the factory paint was bubbling and was rusted all underneith the paint after stripping it. I will post pictures of the build and what I have from.the tear down. Also upgraded my mirrors to the 08 and newer style since i had the opportunity to snag a set for free
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