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7.3L performance injectors

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I have a 2001 f250 7.3 4x4 and currently have a SCT LiveWire tuner with standard tuning (plan on switching to a TS style soon), 6637 Napa intake, stage 3 built trans, wicked wheel 2, and a 4 inch MBRP turboback exhaust system. Looking into getting a bigger turbo, injectors and custom tuning. Would like to be making 400-450hp at the rear wheels when all is said and done. What are some of the best turbo/injector setups out there for the money. I would prefer not to do a HPOP, head studs, regulated fuel return etc. but if needed I will. I have been looking at either 205cc/100% full force injectors with a Garrett gtp38r powermax and a php custom tuned 6 position chip. Or swamps 160cc/100% with a Garrett gtp38r powermax and swamps custom tuning. Just curious as to which would be a better setup, or if there are any other brands/set-ups out there that may be better that I missed.
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Without wanting to do any fuel mods, I would go with a P.I.S. 160/30 injector and GTP38R. That setup should yield you over 400HP.

We can get you setup if you are interested. Check the stuff out HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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