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Going to run a Holiday sale on our GQSSB Turbocharger for the 1994-2003 7.3L Power Stroke. Turbo is perfect for the daily driver and towing application looking to support the low 500hp range. Great for Stage II and 238 or 250cc Hybrids. Great low end response with strong top end performance without EGT and drive pressure issues.

Customer Review on the GQSSB:
"Runs great! Smooth as silk and will blow off my new Ceramic/Metal clutch if I'm not paying attention. The Turbo is perfect for the 250/200's. Tuning made all the difference in the world... it's a pretty damn strong running truck! I am very happy with WOP and Bell Turbo's GQSSB. It's strong, but not too overkill for my needs. It's just what the 7.3 should have come with from the factory.....He, He, He! It's a bolt on, no brainer!" - Marauder

Turbo with complete mounting kit runs $2995. Purchase before December 1st and receive a 5% discount, that's a $150 savings to you, we'll also include on of our WOP Racing T-shirts!

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