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thanks guys for the knowledge on the compressor wheel for the "7.3 turbo ugrade" post....while i have the turbo out im gonna rebuild it with this kit:

Ford Powerstroke 7.3 Turbocharger Turbo Rebuild Kit - GTP38 - East Rutherford - Bonanzle

and am considering changing the turbine housing to this one:

Garrett GTP38R Turbine Housing Upgrade

or this is one $100 cheaper:

Oregon Fuel Injection, diesel injector pump, injector, Powerstroke injectors, turbo and turbo parts for Ford Diesel pickups 6.9 L, 7.3 L, 6.0 L 6.4 L

(scroll down to first item under "turbo mounting pedalstals")

...i assume it will give me higher boost pressure with lower EGTs (which i need cause i drive like i stole it) but the trade off will be more turbo lag, which i can probably fix with a "big head" wastegate regulator.....any thoughts?.....
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