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Please pass the word, one of our techs is having a baby and needs to part out his 2002 7.3. Both the injectors, turbo and HPOP have only 500 miles on them. Everything works perfectly.

1-Stealth Level 2 HPOP with new IPR $1,400+Shipping and core or $1,600+Shipping with no core.

2- Elite 350cc B-Code Single Shot Injectors $2,100+Shipping with core or $2,500+Shipping with no cores.

3- Precision Custom 71mm Charger with Billet Wheel, water feed lines (set up for a 7.3) and oil feed and drain fittings. $1,900+shipping with no core.

Also he has 1,100 pounds in John Deere suitcase weights $700, Murff Racing up-pipes with oil feed and drain lines $300, Down Pipe for above charger $80, Boost tubes with weld on flange for above charger $140, Weight bar and 2" reciever hitches that bolt directly to the frame for John Deere weights $400. He said the prices are some what negotiable and he may consider trades. PM me, Thanks.
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