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Have a 2000 7.3 with 230,000 plus miles. Runs great! Would not start!!!!

Problem: Had a buzzing sound and would turnover great. in fact ran the batteries low trying to start. (completely recharged them before starting after repairs). Checked and replaced relay switch's, checked all fuses all good. No error codes on code reader.

Solution: Replaced the FUEL SENSOR and the fuel bowl heater. Have had the "water in Fuel" dash light for approx. 2 months. had the parts and no time to put them in.

The "water in fuel" light is off. Truck starts like new.

There is lots of info out there on no start 7.3. and the pros know what to look for first. Apparently there are many sensors, fuses and/or relay switches that could cause a no start. Didn't find any that referenced the FUEL SENSOR ON THE BACK OF THE FUEL BOWL. Lots of references to ICP, Camshaft sensor, PCM, IDM, Etc. probably more than this list can cause no start. Hope this helps someone that may have the same problem with no start.
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