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Hi guys. I couldnt find a "sale" section but anyway I have a few things I need to get rid of.

up pipes with low miles and a good Y pipe collector flange (the one that goes behind the turbo) for a 99-03 gtp38 turbo. make offer.

USA ported housing. (no boot) When the turbo went the billet wheel made slight contact to it but it does not affect its performance, just put a couple light scribe lines in it. This was a large up grade for the stock turbo. this with the stock wheel made good reliable boost with ZERO surge. Much better than just a 6/6 wicked wheel. Sounds better too.. Make offer.

Rebuildable turbo gtp38. I have the stock wheel, stock compressor housing, the USA ported housing and a riffraff 12 blade billet wheel for ported housings. I can sell just the turbo with the stock housing, or all of it. Make me a offer. shipping this will be a factor in the price.

Transmission Range Sensor, replaced mine when I was trying to fix a issue that ended up being a faulty IPR connector, sensor is still good. Make offer.

IPR used, still good- again- changed when throwing parts at my truck when it ended up being a faulty connector. Make offer.

TS chip burner and software. Used 4 times. Make offer.

1 gallon water meth plastic tank. make offer.
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