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7.3 parts...FF 250/100s, push rods, springs...

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-Full Force 250/100s...500 miles, 10 miles since flowed and O-ringed by full force $1625 shipped w/o cores
-Diesel innovations push rods used $150 shipped
-Comp 910 springs and shims used $65 shipped
-Stainless oil crossover $35 shipped
-6.0 inter cooler, looks like new $200 no shipping
-7.3 valve covers $50 shipped
-7.3 oil pan $75 shipped
-15 degree HPOP 190k $115 shipped

Sold my truck and have these parts laying around. It's time for the next project. Parts are located in Defiance, OH. PayPal or cash only and all prices are OBO. Can also call or text 419-438-5688. Pictures upon request.
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Pm sent
Push rods, oil crossover and pan sold
HPOP and springs sold

Still have inter cooler, injectors and valve covers
bump...need these injectors, IC and valve covers gone
PM me best price you can do on the injectors shipped to 66062.
I'm asking $1625 shipped, not gonna cut myself down, make an offer
These are hybrids correct? Also what was wrong with them that they got sent back...if I understand your post correct you drove them 490 miles sent them back to full force for some reason, they got tested, sent back and driven for only ten miles after that?
I bought them from a diesel shop in Texas, they were used and had 500 miles on them. They were sent in to verify that everything was good. I purchased them and had them on the shelf but a buddy had to have my stage 1 injectors so I put them in with an intent of building my truck but I ended up putting it back to stock and selling it.

Yes they are hybrids
Still have the injectors?
Injectors are sold

7.3 valve covers $50 shipped
Auxiliary idle controller $125 shipped
10.25 sterling factory u-bolts $30 shipped
6.0 inter cooler in like new condition $200 obo no shipping
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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