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7.3 oil coolers and motor mounts differences

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Trying to put an 02 engine in my e99.
The 02 oil cooler wont fit over the cast motor mount bracket from the 99.

The early 99 oil cooler and motor mount bracket won't work with the 02 exhaust manifold (that 02 manifold is from an e series so may be the problem? ).

I don't have the 02 motor mount bracket and if I use the 99 one I'll have to use the e99 exhaust manifold and that wont work with the 02 pedestal from what I have read.

Can anyone tell me what I need here ? Is the e99 f series cast iron motor mount bracket different than the later ones ?
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if your taking a van motor and putting it into a truck you need to swap all bolt on parts from the 99 motor to the van motor,,.
I have done that,

I am asking what I need different in order to use the turbo and pedestal and up pipes ?

I have the left van manifold and have been trying to determine if the 99-03 left F series manifold is different or If I need different F series motor mount brackets for the late 99-03 in order for this to work.
Spent some time @ the dealers parts counter this morning. There is no difference between an E and an F series manifold on the right but there is on the left. The e99 left manifold wont work with the later turbo and pedestal so that's what I need, late 99-03 left F series manifold. The motor mount brackets etc are the same between an early 99 and later trucks. Going to rebuild the oil cooler while I wait for the manifold to come.
Where in central Va are you. May know where a manifold is if your in a hurry.
20 mins outside of Lynchburg, got the exhaust manifold on its way from Summit for $89 but need a late 99-03 intake spyder, the e99 wont work with the later turbo.
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