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7.3 motors

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I have several motors that I would like to sell. Prices range from $350 for a good core motor to $1200 for a good long block. I have a complete E99 motor as well. pm me if interested.

I also have a few of just about every bolt on part for the motor, so if you need something. let me know. Thanks
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Do you have a motor that would work in a 99 SD? And how many miles if you do?
pm sent
Wouldn't happen to have a t4 mount would you
im on the lookout for a short block forge rod since i put 250/200 in a pmr i have a time bomb waiting.
I have several forged rid short blocks . Let me know. I don't have any t4 mounts
pm me over a price, im not sure when ill be able to get one from you but i will definitely if you have more then one.
Looking for a good 7.3 for my 97 F250HD. Low mileage.
lowest mileage motor I have is 175k
just a set from an E99 truck
I know its a long shot, but do you have the wiring harnesses for the motor by chance? Looking for a late 99-2001 main engine harness. Thanks
I have several harnesses. Is there an easy way to tell if it's the year you need? Most of my motors are earlier forged rod motors.
Pm sent
Do you have an engine wiring harness for a 2002/2003?
I'm sure I do. not sure how to tell what year is what though.
Can I get shipping quotes w/ price on long blocks to Houston, TX? Interested in multiple long blocks. Thanks.
I sent you a PM
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