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I am helping a friend with his 2002 7.3 F250 Superduty that has had intermittent starting problems for the last month.

Today we found the starter bolts had backed off causing intermittent grounding from a VERY LOOSE starter. After tightening the loose bolts the problem continues but it is a little different. Sometimes you get a 3-4 second delay(holding the key in the start position) before the solenoid kicks in and it turns over, and sometimes it doesn't turn over at all.

We put a multimeter on the control wire going to the solenoid(on the starter on this year model) and get no voltage during the delay start condition then 9.2 volts is seen just before the solenoid kicks and the starter engages.

What would cause the delay in voltage going to the solenoid and when it does arrive would it only be 9.2 volts???

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