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7.3 HPOP end plug threads damaged

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greetings everyone from palm springs ca. my 03 e350 had a substantial oil leak. did not take much to track it down to the HPOP rear facing plug. so after fighting with limited access on the van I finally got the HPOP removed, cleaned, disassembled and inspected. it appears the last guy who was in there installed a heli-coil. as im cleaning out the threads with a pick the entire insert came out. looked like a very fine spring. anyway since this is the same plug that was leaking im not sure I want to try to repair it unless anyone out there has a good fix. as you know these things are buried and in a van make it even more difficult to get in and get out. next I had a look on ebay and HPOP's range from $400-$1500, was hoping the powerstrokenation could enlighten me on my repair options OR if im stuck buying a pump which one do I get? Van is used for moto and occasionally tows a boat but is not an everyday driver. thanks very much!
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Easiest fix (if possible) would be to replace the insert while coating with thread sealant.

If that doesn't give you a warm fuzzy replace the "helicoil" type insert with a keensert or ezlok style. They are solid, you can get them in a thin wall style to minimize the thread insert thread size.
If the fitting hole is stripped or corroded you are probably going to have to replace it.

Hope this helps
Ended up exchanging the pump for a Terminator Engineering T500. ?
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