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7.3 edge insight > evolution

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I currently have a cts3 insight that I heard you can update and upgrade to an evolution online for 230ish dollars. Does anyone know if this includes tunes or do those need to be bought separately
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i would not run edge tunes on a ford diesel.
way too many horror stories of them bricking the PCM.
Besides the fact they don't do anything with the transmission, I 'm not a big fan of their stuff. They have issues with more than just Ford diesels.
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i don't know, the edge stuff seems to be real popular with the cummings boyz.
Yeah they like Edge, that's for sure. I use HP Tuners for my tuning on the Fusion, I've read to my stories of guys bricking the GM ECM's. Not sure what it is with them, but the seem to have issues with them bricking certain years. I haven't heard of anyone bricking a Ford unit, but I'm sure somewhere, someone did it, and they just didn't report it on any of the forums or boards.
On the other forum. There are hundreds of people that bricked their powerstrokes when trying to change tune or trying to return to stock with edge tuners
Seems like I remember that being an issue years ago when I still had my 03, most were either on the Hydra or Jody's tuning though.
Yup. Hydra is the flavor of the month for a while now.
I have been using Jody's tunes for 16 years now, very happy with them.
I ran Jody's tunes for a few years till the Hydra came out, was one of the first to buy one from Bill, and was never disappointed. Jody's files always ran good, shifting could be a bit off at times was the only issue I had.
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My Son ran one (CTS) for a while in his OBS 7.3, it was never stable and would not work consistently. Removed for a Hydra with variety of tunes all good. On mine currently it’s Hydra with Jelibuilt tunes… excellent results runs nice, with linear peddle feel, really happy with Brian’s tunes.
Not looking into cts then. Seems here to be bad idea. 320k miles 1996 f250 crd. Stock really.
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