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It would be nice to read a thread that has only this.

-only 7.3 dyno results. and no chat about the results. Pm the guy if you want to know more.
-all modifications to make that power. lift kit and recon cab lights don't add power so keep it in your Sig for this forum.
-no chat at all . only hp&mod list<<<<<<no quotes please.

things like :
-HP @rpm and tp at rpm. (rpm would be nice to know but no bigge if not put down)
-injectors in cc/nozzle size in %,
- turbo specs...(its name if known) mm of inlet of inducer and exducer mm if you want to be fancy. exhaust housing in .ar or cm and if waste gate is used put down in mm of the valve.
-chip and if custom tuned, then put by who.
-hpop and name if upgraded
-auto or manual
-what intercooler type if intercooled
-fuel system, electric or mechanical
-year of 7.3 (SD or OBS)
-and it would be nice to read what gears and tires the hp and tq is put down at the motor
-if nitrous is used state nozzle jet size in decimal size.
-water meth if used.

and for turbo name, i can see people putting s300 or s400. be more specific on the name... s362,s364,s366,s475,s480.

I just think it would be cool to scroll thru a forum with real # hp in one forum that is in the dyno section so people can read what to expect with there mods, and not thumb thru some guy talk about there truck for 6 pages to learn whats done.
6.4s or 6.0s and 5.9ers sorry this is 7.3 only!

so don't post at all if you ain't gona put your hp and mod list down
if the threat goes extinct and your reading this bring it back to life following the above directions... your hp and mod list ofcourse.
if you put over 250rwhp post.

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1996 7.3
430rwhp. sorry no tq value (dyno day)
300cc/200% nozzle
T500 hpop.
electric fuel
spearco intercooler for 6.0l powerstrokes.
stock turbo
basic ts chip on level 3. made 410 on level 6.(unsure of power on other settings, it was a dyno day and only should of had one. but dyno operator was fine testing my assumption of truck being faster on lower tune.). tune 4 seems a bit faster then 3 to me, oh well.
3.73 gears and 35s

who else,

HP Junky
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930rwhp/1800+tq(maxed dyno reading)
B-code injector with oilside mods
Termy duals
Strictly Diesel Fuel System
ATS Intercooler
Cales Tunes
John Wood Trans
Four .125 jets
32's & 3.73

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97 F-250
160cc/100% inj
tp37/gt4202 twin turbos
banks intercooler
17* hpop
electric fuel system with RR
manual with dual disk clutch (dyno'd in 4th gear)
ts 6 pos chip with No limits tune and design tuning
35 inch tires with 3.73

need to get it back on the dyno one of these days since i changed the turbo set up

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2001 F250
FFD 160cc/100%
sparco intercooler
DP F-5
stock fuel and HPOP
3.73 and 285 75r16
Dyno'd before other mods in my sig

Oooo, White Lightning !
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583.1 On BDs dyno
2002 F-350
PCS controlled auto
Unlimited 400/200s with fuel side mods
S475 wastegated
DI Headers
Gen3 oil with a terminator modded 17*
My own fuel system
A culmination of tuning. I have minotaur software

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2000 250
397hp (no torque)
6 speed
Unlimited 160/30%
Stock turbo w/ ww2 and turbo master, deleted ebpv
Stock hpop
Hydra chip w/ php 100hp tune(other bigger tunes made less hp)
3.73 gears 33s

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Results for four runs on a portable DynoJet on 10/19/2013
(Sorry, no torque or RPM)

Run Conditions: 55.91°F, 29.27 in-Hg, Humidity: 53%, SAE: 0.98
Max Power = 365.98.48

Run Conditions: 54.97°F, 29.28 in-Hg, Humidity: 51%, SAE: 0.98
Max Power = 374.4

Run Conditions: 56.44°F, 29.32 in-Hg, Humidity: 46%, SAE: 0.98
Max Power = 376.38

Run Conditions: 58.80°F, 29.32 in-Hg, Humidity: 46%, SAE: 0.99
Max Power = 380.48

1996 F-350 Crew Cab 4x4
Full Force Stage II (160cc/100%) injectors
Hypermax H2E turbocharger (different compressor wheel/housing, don't remember the size)
Hypermax intercooler & exhaust
Terminator T500 HPOP
Super Duty electric fuel pump & fuel filter with Strictly Diesel regulated return
Chip from Cale Thompson (not live tuned) - all runs were on the highest setting
4L10 with 285/75R16 tires

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1997 F350 CCLB Dually

Run Was Done on a DynoJet 241C
382HP @ 3100RPM (floated valves)
771TQ @ 2300RPM

Baby Swamps (150cc/stock)
S366 Built by James Barder
Irate T4 (3" Plenums and DP)
Beans E-Fuel set @ 65psi
Diamond Eye 4" Duals
Mystery HPOP (Believe it's 17°, 3100PSI @ 46%)
7.3L SD Aluminum Intercooler
PHP Hydra (Powerstruck Tuning)
3:55 Gears
235/85R16 Tires


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That is not even close to what that setup should make. That should be well over 800 horse. To the moron who says he is running 400/400 and s475. idiot.

Mr Diesel Rx
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I have a 01 7.3 l am dynoed at 879hp l have a main gurtal with studs, headers, swamps gen 3 hpop, fuel bowl delete and regulated return, gear head stage 2 cam, 400/400 injectors, fass titanium fuel system, ported heads, head studs, Carrillo rods, 910 springs,dropped pistons, HDP custom billet extreme duty Push rods, S472 irate diesel t4 system, mishimoto intercooler, engine fully rebuilt backed up with a all internal billet trans
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