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1996 Ford F-350 7.3L 4x4 Crew Cab Long Bed XLT
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馃槀 yep mine ain鈥檛 pretty either literally everything including the interior is covered in this greasy soot-like substance. Whoever owned it before me never did any kind of maintenance or anything, obviously it leaks oil more than a straw hut when it rains but that same oily substance from it leaking and the engine throwing it everywhere plus dirt is not only all over the entire engine bay it鈥檚 also behind the door panels and in the hinges I鈥檓 honestly surprised the truck doesn鈥檛 have more problems than it does馃槀

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that truck has been places i would be afraid to take a bulldozer. as long as the transfer case in in 4X4 with hubs locked it is unstoppable.
but forget to pull it in 4 wheel, and it will get stuck on wet grass.
i built it for my heavy equipment escort service, and running into swamps to get to pipelines when i was not doing escorts and running heavy machinery. easier to drive the truck a mile into the swamp than to bring the dozer or excavator out every night and than back in in the morning.
it has been in 4 foot of salt water at least a dozen times doing recovery of dead vehicles out in the bay, picking people off the roof of their cars after driving around the baracades and into flooded depressions on the highway, and evacuating old timers from their housed when the low areas flooded in hurricanes.
our town did not have anything to go into water with back in the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's. so when a rescue was needed i was called. one of the advantages, and also downfalls of being on and related to 3/4's of the police force and fire department..
it currently has a little over 496,000 miles on it.

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I live in FL so not to concerned about any cold weather prohibiting it from starting but I haven鈥檛 been able to start my 7.3 for over a month now and I鈥檝e replaced both batteries and all battery cables, still don鈥檛 wanna start. It holds 12.51v on both batteries and cranks up but won鈥檛 fire. It did almost fire once with the new batteries but haven鈥檛 been able to get that much luck since lol. I鈥檓 thinking next thing I do it both the starter and starter solenoid. Thoughts?
HPOP? Glow plugs/relay?

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1995 Ford F-350 7.3 PSD
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I'm glad you got it figured out
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