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In case you're wondering the quality of work they do is eerily similar to the level of grammar they have on their website.
A cam with a "lobe sound" that "real does work". Don't forget your core when "ordering this cams".

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lobe [ləʊb]
1. any rounded projection forming part of a larger structure
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Anatomy) any of the subdivisions of a bodily organ or part, delineated by shape or connective tissue
3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Anatomy) short for ear lobe
4. (Engineering / Electrical Engineering) any of the loops that form part of the graphic representation in cylindrical coordinates of the radiation pattern of a transmitting aerial Compare radiation pattern
5. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) any of the parts, not entirely separate from each other, into which a flattened plant part, such as a leaf, is divided
[from Late Latin lobus, from Greek lobos lobe of the ear or of the liver]
So what exactly does a "nice lobe sound" sound like?

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Idk, Nascar was started by the moonshiners an they didnt have good grammer, maybe thats exactly what this engine is needing, some 'Good 'Ole Boy' magic! kinda like you'd expect from Cooter an the Duke boys....

Seriously though... Anyone ever seen a nice performance cam for these Strokers?

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Last time I checked I have a nice lobeing truck twisting with every rotation of the motor setting on my chip.
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