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6.4L and getting rid of the junk in the trunk

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I KNOW alot of the people around here are avid 7.3L fans but surely SOMEONE has picks and a write-up on what they did to get the DAMN DPF outa there.

ANYBODY wanna trash that thing and let that 6.4L BREATHE or did everyone have to take a second loan on there home to afford it LOL:bow:. and if you paid cash for it then SCREW warranty......come one lets get them things RUNNIng:fordoval:
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So does the SCT stuff have the ability to turn off regen :shrug:
Not yet. SCT is working on it.

When you pull the DPF the truck goes into "permagen" meaning it will not come out until the DPF is put back on. I am waiting for SCT before I pull mine.
I heard SCT's baseline tune was 408... they had a dyno sheet on their site.

I would imagine the custom guys can get at least another 50 out of that :shrug:
Wow I didn't know that I thought that you had to trick the map so it wouldn't trip the over boost code.

That's what Charles is saying. The map sensor never reports the actual value to the PCM, so it doesn't freak out.
1 - 4 of 92 Posts
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